Kim Dunham

Operating Principal (OP)

Office: 517-853-6381

Email: dunham@kw.com

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Lori Dankers

Team Leader

Office: 517-853-6747

Email: loridankers@kw.com

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Tammy Cook

Market Center Administrator (MCA)/CFO/COO

Office: 517-908-9727

Email: tlcook@kw.com

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Chuck Pabst

Managing Broker

Office: 517-853-6744

Email: chuckpabst@kw.com

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Dave Martin

Productivity Coach

Office: 517-853-6711

Email: davemartin.kellerwilliams@gmail.com

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Laurie Cruthers

Head Agent Support Broker

Office: 517-853-6416

Email: lauriecruthers@kw.com

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Matt Bowler

Agent Support Broker

Office: 517-853-6424

Email: bowler@kw.com

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Danielle Schmacher

Assistant MCA

Office: 517-853-2597

Email: dames@kw.com

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Melisa Cooper

Director of Agent Services

Office: 517-853-6403

Email: frontdesk368@gmail.com

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Sidney Smith

Compliance Officer

Office: 517-853-6386

Email: sidney.smith@kw.com

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Jesica Quenby-Moreno

Compliance Officer

Office: 517-220-2599

Email: jesicamoreno@kw.com

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Sunie Babson

Director of First Impressions

Office: 517-853-1200

Email: frontdesk368@kw.com

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Shannon Harrall

Director of Communications

Office: 517-220-2592

Email: sharrall@kw.com

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